Coast walks: west shore walks

In this series I set out to recreate memories and sensations of beach walking, deliberately using different and experimental methods to produce plates and then making each print from several different inked plates, so that each time the plates are recombined new connections emerge, giving a series of unique one-off works that recycle the same imagery.
I have tried to depict the daily reassemblings which take place on the beach, the colour changes from sunlit to shade, the sensation of observing in cold wind or from warm shelter.
Sometime it is necessary to ‘sneak up’ on an idea, turn plates around, overlay them with another plate, before they say something pertinent and worthwhile; sometimes the idea emerges fully formed from a plate I was doubtful about: all contributes to the pleasure of printmaking as a way of expressing ideas.
Each image measures 8″ x 4″ (20cm x 10cm)


~ by linesofcommunication on 1 16th March 2010.

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