The blacksmith’s wife

Began life as an entry for  LILY CHILD’S FRIDAY PREDICTION challenge.   Each week Lily puts up three words to be included in a 100 word story, ideally one that is at least ‘fearful’.   I’d flirted enjoyably on a few occasions last year with the challenge, and when the words ‘negotiate’, ‘cleanse’ and ‘cage’ were posted on the 2nd March, I was about to visit family at Blacksmith’s Cottage and had a five hour car journey to think about how best to use the prompts.   The resulting characters demanded more than this first 100 words and I have continued to add to the story week by week.
Following Lily’s announcement that the final Friday Predictions will appear on May 11th I anticipate finishing the tale then, a dozen episodes.

Once again,the desire to illustrate the tale kicked in, and while these are not necessarily the final images, they are certainly works in progress, and I anticipate producing a printed version in due course.


~ by linesofcommunication on 1 26th April 2012.

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