100 Orkney days of summer


From now until the fifteenth of October I shall be participating in the 100 days of summer challenge, re-using photographs, prints and paintings taken, inspired by or based upon visits to Orkney I have been making since 1981.   At least some of the time I shall use the poetry of George Mackay Brown as additional inspiration.


~ by linesofcommunication on 1 8th July 2012.

3 Responses to “100 Orkney days of summer”

  1. 100 days of FallWinter began on 4th November – thus far I’m concentrating on illustrations for ‘The blacksmith’s wife’

  2. I’ve often seen your comments over at Jean Morris’ blog and this time came over to check out your blogs especially this one. I am surprised to learn you are also a printmaker – why did it take me so long? After only a quick browse I have found your prints are absolutely stunning! My favourites are the Orkney series, the stones and runes and archaeology are close to my heart! I will be browsing more….

    • Thank you! I am something of a lapsed printmaker, having discovered writing, but am hoping to revive my interest this year.
      I’ve only had the briefest of glimpses at your site (time constraints) but can see definite parallels between our leanings.
      Appreciate your interest.

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