18th March – made one plate of negative squares and another which is supposed to just have lines inscribed (but isn’t exactly that) so 5 in all – remembered I can also monoprint and I have a couple of plates of same size (8″ square) which I could etch.

17th March – three coats pink PVA – lovely!! but used far thinner than normal which has given a smoother, more wipeable surface.
Do need to do some negative squares also, as well as the other half done one which will mainly be line drawn squares.

16th March – actualy made it into the studio, did some drawings which weren’t v. satisfactory so made three collagraph plates – 8″ square mount card, masking tape and tile grout squares – x 3. The idea is that I’ll overlay, after PVA etc, but also make some etchings, the idea being to convey different mixes of inheritance by means of multi-plate imagery.

This might be a diary: It depends upon whether or not I can keep adding bits on a daily basis – at present there are small stirrings of an idea or two for a print series – grids, and sixteen currently being keywords


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