‘Damage limitation’ – coming soon!

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Written in between about March and August last year as a followup to my NaNoWriMo2010 novel (and the fourth in the series) I published this on Blurb and have spent the intervenng months re-reading and correcting the all too many errors.


As soon as I receive my first-ordered book from Lulu and satisfy myself as to quality, I shall publish this – now a 6″ x 9″ version because that is cheaper than 5″ x 8″ used for earlier books in the series.

This cover was designed using their one-piece designed – daunting to start but more satisfying and flexible for type placement than the ‘advanced’ version – I very likely will re-do the cover for Not wanted on voyage before re-issuing.


Strictly speaking, not a print, but …

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… but the photograph I’ve used for my NaNoWriMo2011 novel ‘Not wanted on voyage’, about-to-be published on Lulu, once I’ve received and proof-read the first copy

Illustration for ‘The blacksmith’s wife’ [part 2]

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but oh my poor, neglected press

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but oh my poor, neglected press

The tatty copy of ‘Gone with the wind’ has been there since last July, awaiting the repair of its cover

Studio workspace

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Studio workspace

Worktop is mainly littered with CDs and pencils and stuff … shouldn’t take too long to clear …

The blacksmith’s wife

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Began life as an entry for  LILY CHILD’S FRIDAY PREDICTION challenge.   Each week Lily puts up three words to be included in a 100 word story, ideally one that is at least ‘fearful’.   I’d flirted enjoyably on a few occasions last year with the challenge, and when the words ‘negotiate’, ‘cleanse’ and ‘cage’ were posted on the 2nd March, I was about to visit family at Blacksmith’s Cottage and had a five hour car journey to think about how best to use the prompts.   The resulting characters demanded more than this first 100 words and I have continued to add to the story week by week.
Following Lily’s announcement that the final Friday Predictions will appear on May 11th I anticipate finishing the tale then, a dozen episodes.

Once again,the desire to illustrate the tale kicked in, and while these are not necessarily the final images, they are certainly works in progress, and I anticipate producing a printed version in due course.

Edge: curve, arc, circle

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The first episode, ‘Curve of early learning’ originally written for Michael D Brown’s MuDJoB site, was an experiment in voice and rhythm as well as language, and the third, ‘Circle of celebration’  in response to his request for ‘something special, illustrated if possible’

‘Edge:  curve, arc, circle’ was self-published, including a third episode, ‘Arc of adaptation’.   All illustrations were produced from amalgamations of print, drawing, plate and photograph.